Monday, January 23, 2017

January 22, 2017

Family and friends,

This week was good. We have recently been getting very blessed with people coming up and talking to us on the street. For example, we went into a seven-eleven to use their bathroom and while we were waiting in line, a man strikes up a conversation with us, which leads to him telling us he's read the whole bible and believes in God. We introduce the Book of Mormon to him and he got very interested, took it, and set a return appointment with us and his wife. 

Then that same day we were talking to a Vietnamese man and he told us he has no interest when right then his friend rides up on his bike next to us and we talk to him, and it turns out he has lots of questions about God but wasn't sure where to find the answers. So we set a return appointmentand when we taught him we set another one, so he's a new investigator. 

Then just yesterday, another Vietnamese person comes up to us to ask us if we want to go to a Japanese study group with him and his friends, then when he sees our nametags he says "wait... are you Christian?? IM CHRISTIAN! Whoa! I like never meet Christians! We should meet up and talk!" And we just thought, "yes. Yes we should!" 

Also yesterday, my companion decides we need to stop a group of three people walking even though they're very far away, so we run up to them and stop them and one of them says, "oh you're Mormon! I'm Mormon! Where is the church, I've been looking for it!" And his two friends were catholic and willing to meet with us too and come to church with their friend. Those three were from the Philippines. 

I promise we also talk to Japanese people haha. For some reason though, lately we've gotten a lot of foreigner investigators. But those are some pretty cool miracles. Like I've said to my companion a lot, we're not even really a part of this work! We're just spectators of God bringing people to his own Church.

-Elder Hill

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

Family and friends. 

This week we had a 3.5 hour lesson with a guy we just met. He shows up at noon, tells us he has until 6 to talk, pulls out his laptop to take notes and a sheet of paper with about 15 or so questions written on it, flips open to Alma 10 (the middle) of the Book of Mormon and asks us a question about that too. We told him we would teach him and if he still had any questions at the end, we would answer them then. We taught him the restoration, plan of salvation, and gospel of Jesus Christ straight and he had really good awesome questions and really wanted to know what we believe and how he can know for himself if it's true. And he even started to figure out that through the Book of Mormon he could answer any of his questions and he asked us how he could grow his faith. Then stopped and said "wait, I bet it's in this book!" So we read all of alma 32 with him! And at the end we ask him, any more questions? He looks over his sheet and nope. No questions. We had answered them all. And we also set a baptismal date with him. I thought that was pretty cool.
Other than that we had stake conference this Sunday and Elder Choi, a counselor in the Asia north area presidency, was presiding. It was snowing like crazy that day but we biked through the 4 inches of snow anyway and got there in about an hour to the stake center. The conference itself was really really good and there were lots of investigators there so that was good. 
On p-day last week after I emailed, we went to genbaku dome. That's the building on top of which the atomic bomb hit. It's the only building in 8 kilometers (I think, I don't exactly remember) that didn't tumble to the ground when the bomb hit. Then we went to the museum about it and boy was that a downer. But it was really interesting to get a new perspective on what happened. And to see the after effects of the fallout and everything. Very sad. But the gospel is still true, people are just not very nice to each other sometimes! And that's not God's fault! Anyway, I know God is real. He loves everyone and if you want to know for yourself, you can ask him yourself if he's really there. 


Elder Young and Brother Tamura


January 8, 2017

Family and friends,

This week was pretty normal. I finally got my dang iPad back. Took
them like 2 weeks but it's okay. I forgive. We got the permission of
our investigator Gracia for him to get baptized and he's way down so
he's almost definitely getting baptized on the 11th of February! 

We also were biking home for dinner one day and this lady calls out to us
in English. So we stop and swing around to talk to her. She's
phillipino but she was like "oh are you priests??" And we explained
what we were doing and she told us that she was actually planning on
coming to our church but wasn't sure if she could just show up, she
explains that when she saw us she didn't know who we were but her
heart was reaching out to us so she called out. We had a lesson with
her yesterday and she told us that she hasn't been going to Catholic
Church for awhile because of some of the members there, but she has
been praying to God to help her to relieve the anger she feels in her
life. And when she talked to us she told us she then prayed to know if
this is the path she should take. She didn't say if she got an answer.
But she wants us to come back and teach her everything and how the
Gospel can help her. So I think she got her answer. 

So that was two huge miracles this week.

-Elder Hill

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016

Family and friends,

Well I got transferred. Hikari in Hiroshima. It's a huuuuge city. But my new companion is Elder Metekingi (that may or may not be spelled right) from New Zealand. I'm in the same apartment as my trainer elder Burgener. So that's weird. But yeah. 

I got to use my French this week with a family from the Congo that we just started teaching! That was really fun. We also set a baptismal date with a high schooler that we met for the first time. So far pretty dang fun though I was really sad to say goodbye to Elder Reed after only 4 weeks. 

Our ward here is massiveee compared to Hofu. There are about 90 members here and in Hofu there were about 14. We had a Christmas party which was really fun. So many people haha. There's a lot of people on the streets here so we can talk to people on the street which is way more fun than in houses... but so far so good in Hiroshima.

-Elder Hill

They took this while I was in the middle of eating a huge thing of cabbage. So... yeah. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

I`m almost 100% sure I am transferring this week but I still dont know where.  So my week has been full of saying goodbye to investigators and members and teaching them a last lesson. However, it also means that almost all of them have taken us out to eat and paid for us which was so awesome hahaha. We`ve eaten some really good ramen and tonkatsu (fried pork). 

Other than that, this week I’ve basically just been looking forward to transfers. It`s probably not the best, but I`m way excited to go to a new area (probably). 

We’ve also been doing a ton of christmas dendo and its so weird because we ask them if they celebrate christmas and I have never had someone say yes yet. Everyone had done it when they were like little kids but if theyre high school age or above they just dont celebrate it anymore. Its so weird. Plus almost none of these people have any idea why christmas exists at all.  Its just not okay! 

Luckily were are here to inform them!

Thats probably all for my week. Sorry. Kinda short
Elder Hill

Pictures are all a place called miyojima. It's by Hiroshima

Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 27, 2016

Friends and acquaintances and others who happen to read my blog,

I'm really happy to hear about Jared and Mark (cousins) planning on missions this summer. Tell them I'm excited for them and to get excited for themselves! It has its boring and painful moments but overall this has been a good experience so far.

We didn't do anything for thanksgiving. We made mashed potatoes? A lot of them!  But that's about it. We had fried pork instead of turkey but close enough. 

We went to ube (oo-bay) on Friday for zone meeting and I got to see elder kimura from the MTC which was fun. 

My bike is fixed so we've been able to actually go work for real these last few days. We got a member present lesson yesterday which, if you don't know, is like crazy stuff here. Everyone works every day morning til night. So this has been my third member present on my mission so far. But it was really good. The investigators name is yuki and he's a good guy. Mostly he just seems lonely because his family lives in Osaka and he hasn't had a day off for the last month (see. They work a lot here). So he's a good guy and we're trying to be his friends while also teaching him about Mormons and whatnot. 

Chris got kidney stones this week so we couldn't meet with him. And we all know how much kidney stones are the worst so pray for him haha. Poor guy. 

Elder Reed and I are getting along well. No problems.

I think that's about it. The church is true. Amen.

-Elder Hill

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 23, 2016

Family and friends and acquaintances,

Man, that does not sound fun for dad (shoulder surgery). Tell him to just take a bunch of Advil and he'll probably be fine to work and do normal stuff for at least a couple hours. Oh also, dad, I have learned to appreciate peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I eat like one a day now. So.. yeah that's it haha.
Also I got pollys package! Thank her a ton for me because it made my week. 
Tell Austin good luck in Wales and whatnot. And same to Ryan in Alaska. 

So for me this week, I got a new companion! His name is Elder Reed. He's from Logan. He's pretty funny. But this means that I'm now what's called area senpai. Basically, I just have to lead him everywhere on our bikes and stuff. But it made for an interesting day when I turned one night and he didn't see me because it was night and pouring rain. So he kept going! And I lost him for about an hour. I searched frantically during that time but couldn't find him. I finally just went to the apartment and said a quick prayer outside that I would be able to find him. After that I went back out to the Main Street and way out in the distance I see a blurry figure going away from the apartment. In my mind I just think, "that's him." I sped to catch up and lo and behold it was him! So that's the power of prayer, folks. Luckily he hadn't crashed or died in the rain. 

All of our investigators are doing well. We've been turn to meet with matsumoto's husband but so far no luck. We'll see where that goes. 

I popped a tire this week and had a couple other problems along with that which meant we had to walk for two days (the puncture was in a spot where you can't put a patch. We tried) so the work has been a little slow this week. But we're picking it back up after today haha. That's all for me.


Elder Hill