Monday, January 23, 2017

January 22, 2017

Family and friends,

This week was good. We have recently been getting very blessed with people coming up and talking to us on the street. For example, we went into a seven-eleven to use their bathroom and while we were waiting in line, a man strikes up a conversation with us, which leads to him telling us he's read the whole bible and believes in God. We introduce the Book of Mormon to him and he got very interested, took it, and set a return appointment with us and his wife. 

Then that same day we were talking to a Vietnamese man and he told us he has no interest when right then his friend rides up on his bike next to us and we talk to him, and it turns out he has lots of questions about God but wasn't sure where to find the answers. So we set a return appointmentand when we taught him we set another one, so he's a new investigator. 

Then just yesterday, another Vietnamese person comes up to us to ask us if we want to go to a Japanese study group with him and his friends, then when he sees our nametags he says "wait... are you Christian?? IM CHRISTIAN! Whoa! I like never meet Christians! We should meet up and talk!" And we just thought, "yes. Yes we should!" 

Also yesterday, my companion decides we need to stop a group of three people walking even though they're very far away, so we run up to them and stop them and one of them says, "oh you're Mormon! I'm Mormon! Where is the church, I've been looking for it!" And his two friends were catholic and willing to meet with us too and come to church with their friend. Those three were from the Philippines. 

I promise we also talk to Japanese people haha. For some reason though, lately we've gotten a lot of foreigner investigators. But those are some pretty cool miracles. Like I've said to my companion a lot, we're not even really a part of this work! We're just spectators of God bringing people to his own Church.

-Elder Hill

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